Against Our Nature

Why is it so innate to us to always want what we don’t have? Or is it innate? Perhaps it is not, but either way, I really want to know the answer to this. I’ve traveled the world and seen extreme poverty. I’ve also seen extreme wealth. I don’t live amongst either. I live in what one would term the middle class in this country (USA). Still, in my experience and in what I have seen, it seems to me that many times those who are extremely poor are as happy or more so than those who are wealthy. Not all the time, but even dome of the time is surprising given the differences between the two.

People say it is human nature to always want what we can’t have. History is filled with stories and examples of this. Despite this, the happiest people I meet are those that have what they need and not always what they want. I am not sure each one of us knows how to get there. A wise few do, perhaps. Still, I believe it is some thing worth striving for in life as well as remembering during tough moments. Bottomline, may goi against our nature, will yield us great surprises.

Happy writing this week!

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