Strong Minds

I went for a run today and it felt great. I run quite frequently so this was nothing new. This time, however, I heard some wise words.The human mind can be much weaker than the human body. The mind can be our weakest muscle. Notice the emphasis on can be.

I found this interesting because I’ve always thought the mind so strong. As I’ve pondered these words though, I also realized the mind can be our biggest obstacle. Why do we eat that extra donut? Why do we make excuses instead of going for a run? We don’t do this because our body needs an extra donut or because our body can’t go on that run.We do these things because at times our minds can be weak. Don’t get me wrong, the human mind can be exceptionally powerful too. It all depends on how we condition it and what we allow it to get away with.

On my run today, these words pushed me to be stronger in both mind and body. It was a reminder of just how capable we can be once we set our minds to doing something, whether that is running a mile or writing a book.

Happy writing this week!

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