So Many Faces

Faces. There are so many of them. Some we see and some we don’t. Sometimes, we show others what we want them to see instead of what is and we can probably assume others do the same.

This week, we got carried away talking about ghost stories at the dinner table. I looked over at my boys and could tell they were scared, but as soon as they realize their “exposed”, their little macho attitude comes in and they deny any fright. Even from so young an age, they are deciding what they want to share.

Why do we do this? Vulnerability, self preservation, false courage… there are so many reasons we wear these faces. I have worn them my entire life— sometimes without even realizing it. Most of the time it is to protect myself in a situation I can’t yet read. What about you? Why do you choose to show your “faces”?

Happy writing this week!

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