Cycle of Energy

When you say the word energy, what comes to mind? Depending on the time of day, this word can make me think of sustainability. It can make me think of oil. It can make me feel a rush of positivity as if the sun is shining down and it can make me feel zapped like i do at the end of the day.

As I write this, I am most definitely feeling zapped with the sneaking suspicion that my children and dog somehow stole all of my energy but I know that is not true. Perhaps it is partly true but it all started before they even got home from school. It started with work and an aging parent. It was compounded by those who have nothing more to do than complain about life and my kids and dog became the cherry on top. But that is life is it not? And when I went for a run midday, I drained more of my physical energy but replenished my emotional energy—it’s all a big cycle that drives each of us until we run no more.

So the lesson is? Refuel, refuel, refuel! Happy writing this week!

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