All around me, I’m surrounded by people living with stress. Stress is a part if life and we can deal with it as it comes and goes but the key word there is “goes.” These days however, I believe many of us are dealing with a more chronic form of stress that we don’t easily shake and that has a completely different effect on us.

Chronic stress was around long before the pandemic but I’m sure the pandemic didn’t help any. For a year plus (and still many of us today), we lived in isolation from those we love and fearing the fall out of what we termed sad normal human social interaction. Today, some of us are getting back to a new normal forever changed.

I’ve thought about stress a lot more lately as I’ve taken up running to manage my own. It was painful at first but now it is something I look forward to in order to deal with life. It allows me to focus and breath deep and push myself. Writing has always done this for me as well.

Where am I going with this? I’m telling you all to take some time to manage the stress. If you are one of very few people who never feel stressed, then more power to you. But if like me you need to learn to manage it before it manages you, find your outlet and embrace it.

Happy writing this week!

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