What Matters

For anyone who reads my posts with some degree of frequency, you’ll quickly notice that I spend a lot of time writing about how important time is and how we should spend it doing what matters. I also write about stress and my own struggle to prioritize in life.

This past week, a close family friend passed away. We all knew it was coming—not simply because we each have our own timeline, but because he had recently been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Still, when doctors said 3-5 years you can’t help but feel angry that his body only last 6 months before it gave in. Not angry at him but angry about the time that seems stolen.

Reflecting back, I don’t have regrets about time spent with this friend but I do wish I had told them just how special they were or how they influenced me to live my life differently. I think many times we think about others and how much they mean or what we should tell them, but often we find ourselves putting it off because, well, there’s always tomorrow, right? Not really.

So to my friend, I hope you are in a better place and the suffering is over. You will be missed by so many. And to those reading this, think about what and who matters and spend your time where it is most valuable.

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