Ancient Wonders Paranormal-Scope

The Griffin, 15th Century, Martin Schongauer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Creatures from the ancient world still surround us, filling our imaginations with wonder. No matter how modern we become, our hearts don’t truly venture far from our ancient roots. We want to know the tales that our ancestors heard, remembered, and in some cases passed down.

While I am not qualified in any way to read neither stars nor planets, I am intimately linked to the paranormal in the world in many ways. So are you.

The paranormal-scope is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to guide your life by.

According to legend, Griffins guard a treasure. Many people immediately equate treasure with money. You have such a treasure beyond money. Cherish it!

Chiron was a centaur of great wisdom and is created for tutoring some of the Greek heroes. Listen to your teachers, as we never stop learning. It will benefit you.

Golems were made from mud to do their master’s bidding. Be careful what you say at work as some people are very literal.

Too many think that Cyclops was just a scary one-eyed giant. In truth, they were also inventors. They loved making things. Here is your time to do some inventing of your own.

Sirens love to sing but it’s mostly to lead ships to untimely deaths. Invest in some music for your collection.

A Selkie would shed its seal skin to become human. Shedding some unnecessary items will do your home a world of good.

Some say the Kraken is a giant squid that will rise at the end of the Earth. It’s sleeping. There are some topics of conversation that could remain asleep as well.

The Hippocampus, half horse and half fish, pulled the sea chariot of Poseidon. It has several powers. There are several things that you do well. Spend time enhancing those powers of yours.

Amarok is a giant wolf of lore that hunts in the frozen wastes. It prefers to be alone. Cherish your me-time. Use to work on your next project or take a bubble bath.

Dragons have always been with us. They are learned creatures. Take a course in history to expand your knowledge.

The Basilisk can kill with one stare. Don’t be frozen by the mean looks of others. You are heroic in so many ways in your life. Lift your head and smile. Overcome your obstacles. You can!

From the striking hoof of Pegasus, a spring flowed pure. Your knowledge is going to shine through for others asking your advice.

Thank you and stay safe.

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance and now YA novels too.
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!

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Poseidon HR Final
Vampire in the Basement-large

The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais

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