Navigating the Mess

We are just about halfway through this year and it seems to have been the longest yet shortest year ever and all at the same time. Each day and almost everything I do seems so much more cumbersome. At this point, a lot of places domestically have relaxed mask wearing but at least for me, it is still second nature to walk around with it just in case.

Finally, I am planning again for a couple trips in the fall and thus far the planning is daunting. Planes and security were cumbersome before the pandemic so add anything else on top and it only adds to the complexity. Still, I’m not alone in my planning and I get that. Folks are tired of being pent up and want to live their lives. I am no different but I still remain cautious and will do my utmost to respect others’ boundaries, wishes, etc.

So what do we do with this increasingly complex and convoluted world? Well, short of making it more simple, which is not as simple as it sounds, we can only teach ourselves to navigate the mess and hope we make it to the other side.

Happy writing this week!

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