The Fight

Have you ever just felt like something is just not meant to be or meant to happen? I’m talking one of those instances where obstacle after obstacle keeps happening and you just can’t help but feel this twinge of suspicion that destiny is steering you in a different direction. Or perhaps that you don’t have what it takes to see something through.

I’ve had one of those weeks and at this point it just has my head turning. It’s always an unsettling experience because I never really know what if anything is true. Sometimes life is simply complicated and that is the logical explanation. Other times, I really do believe you need to “read the signs” and listen to your gut. Either way it can be exhausting but we are all there at some point—fighting our fights, pushing our agendas and simply trying to navigate the complexity of life. This is important to remember because these so called fights and journeys of ours can feel very lonely, but we aren’t really alone.

Happy writing this week and keep fighting the good fight.

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