I would not consider myself old, but then again, as I age my perception of age changes. I feel as if the time is speeding up, way too quickly and with no regard for what I or anyone else wants. Time is it’s own master. As I feel time ticking, I only wish for more. I’m not sure what I would do with it (I have some ideas) but I want it anyway.

I know I’m not alone in this feeling of dwindling time. It would be lovely if we’d all come to this realization a bit sooner, a bit younger. Instead, beauty and fearlessness are for the young and wisdom and caution for the old. I guess since I fall in the middle, I’m at somewhat of an advantage with my realization. It’s not as if this is new— we’ve heard it all before. Time is precious, enjoy it while we can… and so I will try.

My advice for whatever it’s worth? Believe it all and treasure every second of every minute of every hour in each day. You’ll never regret living life fully but you will regret wasting time. Happy writing this week!

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