We Feel

We are volatile in every sense— some of us more than others. As a writer I love this. I love trying to capture these emotions and display them through my characters. These emotions define my characters in many ways—at least in my mind.

As I’ve gone back and read some of my earlier writings, I’ve seen where I’ve struggled to define and express my characters. I’ve also seen where my writing and characters evolve over time, becoming less two dimensional and a bit more alive.

Emotions are so powerful. Think of a book you love and ask yourself how it makes you feel? If it is fictional or if it tells a story, what is the protagonist like? So they appeal to you as a reader?

As I’ve evolved in my writing and reading, I’ve noticed my preference for stronger characters and stories has changed. I love those characters we love to love but also those we hate. Why? Because they make me feel that hate or anger. I appreciate the artistry of the emotions elicited. It’s complex. Think about it. What makes you feel? There is so much, right? Family, friends, music, a touching scene, food… I mean really the possibilities are endless. Have fun with it

Happy writing this week!

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