It is Spring and yet it feels as if we are flying towards summer and all it brings. Part of it could be the tiredness of the cold winter season and/or perhaps we are just eager to leave the past year plus in the dust. If I were a better person I’d guess the latter given our lives during this time.

My kids are especially eager for the summer. So much so that they fearlessly plunged into a neighbor’s. Now, they know how to swim and the pool is clean but the water is beyond frigid at this point. And while they admitted it was cold it was said with such nonchalance that a part of me envied their fearless sense of adventure. When did d I become such a wimp?!

I don’t have the answer to this question. I just know it to be true for me and I would hedge to say many adults out there. Oh sure we’ll call it being cautious and considerate and sometimes it is but many times we are just plain old afraid! Well, we need to get over it and that is just what I aim to do!

Happy writing this week!

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