For The Love Of…Mingling by Artemis Crow

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I miss mingling. There was a time that my ability to mingle for long periods of time was rare. I was the hit and run mingler. “Hi, how are you? How about that weather?” Oh, lord, I’m exhausted, must go.

It’s not that I don’t love talking with people, sharing funny stories and laughing. I guess I’m what you would call an extroverted introvert. I can spend hours, even days alone and not be fazed. No phone calls? Awesome! More time to write!

Signs you too may be an extroverted introvert?

There’s a great article at:

Here’s the basic gist:

  1. Your energy level and the environment you’re in are tied together. Rock concert, yay or nay. Acoustic set, soothe or snooze.
  2. People can be intriguing and energizing, or exhausting. Socializing is best done in sips.
  3. Kind of the same as above: people are energizing or exhausting. Stay and enjoy or run for your life.
  4. Charming and in-your-head. You are both and a lot of people don’t get that about you.
  5. When rested and recharged, you are the belle or beau of the ball. But once the energy has been leached from your very bones until you look like the mummy, you’re done.
  6. Socializing is like exercise; you gotta warm up. You start in granny gear and everyone thinks you’re so quiet and nice. But, howdy, once you’re warmed up and comfortable, it’s on.
  7. Small talk, gah! Deep talk, let’s dive!
  8. You haven’t the energy to maintain a large social network; a small circle of close relationships is for you.
  9. You don’t “work the room” and you’re okay with that. You do love it, though, when you meet the like-minded.
  10. Your friends and family can’t fathom that you aren’t an extrovert because “social” is your middle name. What were your parents thinking with that one?

The pandemic has made me long for a chance to mingle. So I’m getting prepared by getting my Covid shots, riding the recumbent bike so I have the stamina to last more than 15 minutes in a group or one-on-one, working my arms and pecs so I can hug…everyone, and signing up for reader-author conferences—2 of them this year. 

The first one:

Kitty Berry Books, LLC. is excited to announce the 2nd RomantiConn author event coming on July 24, 2021! It’s a fun-filled event where authors and readers share their love of fangirling, book-boyfriends, and all things related to books and romance. RomantiConn offers a day to get away from the stress and spend time with friends

The second event is:

Fall In Love New England Conference

October 15th and 16th

Boxborough, MA

Whatever your personality type, no matter how much you have to train, I hope that you too will be out there mingling! We all deserve it!

May your words flow freely,


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Gemini Asunder

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