No One to Blame

I hear this all the time where people are burned out from work. We read articles about interns being overworked and we talk about the line between work and home life disappearing with the pandemic. I know I’ve written before about stress and time and doing what we can to effectively navigate both.

One thing I will address is a need for our individual decision making and our own management of work and home. We can’t realistically sit and blame all these corporations for working consistent 80 hour weeks— we let it happen and accepted the hand we were dealt.

We each need to decide how much we are willing to do and for how long. It is so easy sometimes to shirk ownership of pushing ourselves to do more and do “better” but it is a decision we make. As such we need to decide how to deal with the consequences or even determine whether the possible consequences are worth the effort expended.

So think about it. It is a big question and we need to weigh the outcomes ether way— life is short, what is it that you want to remember or be remembered for? For me, it sure isn’t determined by endless work and stress. There is more to life than this.

Happy writing this week!

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