For Sanity’s Sake

When was the last time you treated yourself? For real? I’m not talking your birthday or 20th anniversary but simply because you deserve it. Why? Because you are a good person, good friend, good wife/husband, generous person, caring person and most likely you haven’t thought about you in a while.

Look, I talk to people all day every day and all I hear is about how folks are doing (and many times they are doing well) but also how bad they feel about how well they are doing because others aren’t. And maybe that is the truth to some degree but it is also important to remember that we each matter as well. If we keep sweeping our own woes and difficulties under the rug, we won’t be any better of and we certainly won’t be there to support those around us.

I’m not saying to splurge unreasonably or suddenly become greedy. There is a lot of hurt and suffering out there and sometimes we are part of that mix. That’s okay and as such it’s important to remember to give ourselves that pick me up. Take that day off of work to read books and do puzzles. Have that glass of wine after work. Treat yourself to those cozy, trendy pants. Whatever it is, keep your spirits up and your sanity intact. It makes all the difference as you try to help those around you.

Happy writing this week!

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