For The Love Of…Taking a Day by Artemis Crow

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You know what I mean. We’ve all had those days when, from the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow, nothing goes right. Or, despite consuming enough coffee to jitter your way down the hall like a pogo stick, you can barely find the energy to walk across the house. 

The causes of this could fill a notebook: depression, too little sleep, allergy attack (me raising a hand and limply waving it), stress of all kinds, etc. A combination of any or all… The solutions range just as widely, basically from person to person because we are unique. 

I’m not a doctor, nurse; I have no medical training. So this post isn’t going to be a serious discussion of that which I do not know. Instead, I’m offering the broad stroke advice of taking a day.

This morning, I had an allergy attack. Sneezing and sniffling and coughing and sinus headache; oh, what a joy it was not. Not severe enough to need an Epipen, but bad enough that I had to take allergy medicine I usually reserve for night because it makes me sleepy. So I climbed back in bed and blew my nose with the tissue equivalent of a tree branch, floating in the no-man’s-land of too tired to do anything, but too awake to actually sleep.

Why, you ask? Because I couldn’t make my brain stop running the infinite loop of worry about not writing, not plotting the next book, or continuing my study of advertising so I can get my books in front of readers. I just couldn’t shut it down to rest. That’s when I told myself it was okay to take a day for myself. To rest, watch a movie if I wanted to, snuggle with my dogs, doze.

With the past year we’ve had, I think it’s particularly important that we give ourselves permission to take a day and tune out. What makes you relax? Do it. What gives you joy? Pursue it. How many deep breathes do you need to let it all go? Huff and puff until you figure that out.

Give yourself the gift of taking a day when you need it, without guilt or apologies. *off to go blow my nose*

May your words flow freely,


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Lyon’s Roar –

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Leona’s Cage –

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Gemini Asunder

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