All About Creativity

We made it! 2021 has got to be one of the most highly anticipated years of this century and with good reason whe we consider all that happened in 2020. But now we’ve entered this new year and for the most part everything feels… the same.

Well, today’s blog is a little reminder that this is okay. It is okay that we entered a new year and the topsy turvy world we’ve come to know over these past eight or so months is not yet set right. That doesn’t make 2021 a bad year it just means perhaps we need to look at it a little bit differently or maybe we need to be a bit more creative.

So what do I mean by creative? I mean that it is going to take time for us to reach a new normal but that doesn’t mean we stop living our lives. This last year has shown us the boundaries of creativity are not so defined. We worked and connected through technology. We consumed more online or curbside and we jumped through hoops to see our friends and family (if we were so lucky).

This year we may do more of the same as well as our other goals. Perhaps we want to lose weight or get in shape or read more or drink less or smoke less… you get the picture. Bottomline, these are all still achievable goals. They just may take a bit more thought and creativity this year but don’t let this set you back. We can do it (yes corny but true)!

Happy writing this week!

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