For The Love Of…Your Superpower by Artemis Crow

My husband and I are great fans of superhero movies. On any given weekend day or night you can walk past our house and hear the speakers rumbling as we watch Marvel and DC movies, the Fast and Furious series (okay they aren’t really superheroes but they stayed at a Holiday Inn once…maybe), the Witcher, Tolkein movies, on and on.

Action isn’t the only genre we watch, but it is one of our favs. And yes, I do the “what if” questions: What if I had an Iron Man suit? What if I had Captain Marvel’s powers? Or Wonder Woman’s? What if I, like Star Lord, was raised by a Ravager? What if I had Aquaman’s powers? I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift. I think most folks who are fans of the genre ask themselves the same questions.

Today, I want to challenge your perceptions about superpowers. Granted, anything remotely similar to the powers the characters listed above have are either impossible given the limitations of the human body, or require tech that won’t be invented until well past the length of our lives…if ever.

So, how exactly am I going to challenge your perceptions about superpowers we don’t have or can’t obtain? I want you to rethink what a superpower actually is, and how all of us have one or more superpower already.

Yes, I went there, but hear me out. Rather than think of a superpower being something no one else in the world has, I want to narrow the definition down to what do you have inside you that is the best of you. Your best skill, your best talent, your best gift to others; what is your personal superpower?

We all have them, and while I think it’s great fun to enjoy entertainment, and speculate about being gifted with an unrealistic superpower, I would like to see us think about our power and how we as individuals can use it, enhance it, share it to live our best lives and then reach out and help others too.

I believe one of my superpowers is the ability to find the humor in most every situation then sharing it with others. My friends and family know this about me. My Facebook friends are learning this about me since I devote my Artemis Crow timeline to sassy, silly, sometimes naughty, memes meant to give a giggle. In the current times of suffering and grief and stress, having a chance to laugh can get you through the hardest of days. If I can give that to people, then I have shared my superpower with them.

I have a couple other superpowers and more that I want to devote time to nurturing. Will my superpowers literally save the world? Well, no, but that’s not the point. What’s important here is twofold: one, recognize that which is best about you and build on it, revel in it, because that power is part of what makes you so very rare and beautiful and special in all the world; two, when you stand in your superpower and that foundation is rock solid, then you are ready to give of yourself to others. When that happens, you become a real superhero, or supershero, living your best life and helping those around you do the same.

We all have superpowers. I challenge you to claim them. I challenge you to claim the title of superhero of your own life. Then, I challenge you to live in that reality, sharing who you are with the world.

I. Am. Giggle. Monger! 

May your words flow freely,


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Gemini Asunder

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