For The Love Of…Dreaming of Traveling Again by Artemis Crow

Ah, COVID, you are a true party pooper. The world is locking down again as the cold weather drives us inside to sneeze and cough on one another. Lovely. *heavy sarcasm*

And with the number of our at-risk family, there’s no possibility for us to visit them for the holidays. Sooo, rather than put on a poopy face and think about what I’m missing, I decided to regale you with my thoughts about where we’ll go when COVID has gone the way of the Dodo…or at least until we beat it back enough to fly far, far away.

I have so many places I want to see before I’m so old that my carry-on is packed full solely with Depends diapers to get me through the flight. Not that there’s anything wrong with Depends, they are a godsend. It’s just after years of having to fill a carry-on with feminine products when I traveled, it would be nice to, say, have room for my e-reader, or some tissues, or a snack instead of the modern day versions of chastity belts for the maid and mother, or the crone.

Anyhoo, on to the topic at hand and away from the bane of men’s existence. Travel, ah, yes, those were the days. You could plan an extended trip to some exotic land, or get a wild hair and jet off at a moment’s notice to Las Vegas for its version of exotic. Which for the rpice is a great alternative with the added bonus of the old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

I mean really, you don’t hear the Scots say, “Whatever happens when you eat the haggis, goes back in the haggis.” Nope, just doesn’t have the same ring.

For this blog I thought I’d share some of the destinations I’d like to see after our lives return to some semblance of normalcy. If you’re so inspired, share where you’d like to go in the comments!

First, in light of the aforementioned Depends issue, I’m thinking I should start my days around the world by flying to the farthest place I’ve dreamed off: New Zealand.

Lord of the Rings country, or the Land of Mordor as my editor calls it, is a country I’ve wanted to see for a long time. Scotland was at the top of my list and my hubby kindly let me drag him off on out first international trip together (outside of the Bahamas, which technically is another country, but it’s within spitting distance of the US so it doesn’t feel the same).

I want to do the full on LOTR tours, I want to climb the mountains and gaze upon the jaw-dropping vistas. I want to play in the clear waters of the Pacific and see the land and aquatic wildlife that abounds there. I’d also like to meet my editor face-to-face and give her a great big bear hug as thanks for her patience. Or maybe, no bear hug, if that’s not her jam…

And since we’d already be at the opposite side of the world, I’d like to go on to Australia and wander. Do a walk about. See all the wonderful, unusual, and frankly, deadly creatures that I’ve only seen in documentaries and in magazines. There is such beauty and splendor, such uniqueness to both countries that I’d love to explore.

Where else? Definitely, Italy. My FIL’s family is from Sicily, and he was stationed in Italy when my husband was a boy. I want to see all the famous sights, I want to drive along the Amalfi coast, stopping to eat in small cafes that are perched above the beautiful sea. I want to see Sicily, I want to see it all, truth be told.

I want to go to Iceland and walk the starkly beautiful landscape, soak in the stunningly colored hot springs.

I want to spend time in England, Wales and Ireland.

Oh, heck, there are few places I don’t want to visit, though I do have a list.

We are living in a strange and difficult time, no doubt. To mitigate some of the stress, I daydream about these places and others, and plan.

So spill, my friends! Where do you plan to go in the future? 

May your words flow freely,


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