Important Lessons

These days, I like everyone else, am binge watching Netflix, Prime, Vudu, HBO, etc. I try to limit it somewhat; otherwise my family and I will come out of quarantine twice our size and lacking in muscle mass, but each day that effort gets a bit more difficult to put forth, especially as the days grow colder.

This week we watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I’ve seen this movie before but love it for the many lessons it teaches us. What lessons you ask? Where do we start… Never underestimate those around you, don’t punish others for being different, Try to understand what others may be feeling… I could keep going. But perhaps the reason these lessons resonated so much this time around is that I couldn’t help but think of how much these lessons would help us during these current times if we would be open to them.

I am not going to get political here but I am going to admit a pride in this country. The United States of America is far from perfect, but there is something about Americans coming together— in times of struggle or need or disaster. We are a passionate people, possessing innovative minds and warm hearts. My wish for the future s that we remember this and we recall the rights and wrongs we committed over time, so that they may guide us forward.

Happy writing this week!

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