Change Gears

This week has been a crazy week and I’m ashamed to say that I have behaved like a brat for most of it. It’s one of those weeks where you just sit in the midst of tons of things that seem to go wrong— kids waking you up in the night, internet outages and you can’t get work done, relationship tensions all around you… you get the picture. And yet, here I sit writing this blog, annoyed at myself for being what I’ve termed a brat.

Why? Because I’m whining about things that are all somewhat solvable in a fairly easy way. I’ve still got my job and my health, I’m breathing clean air and I live a comfortable lifestyle. I’m not worrying about whether I am going to be evicted because I ve lost my job and can’t pay my rent. I’m not fighting for my life on a ventilator. I’m not breathing smoke-filled air or worse, I have my home and it hasn’t been snatched up by some fire.

Look, I bring this up because it is normal. I spoke to someone yesterday who told me they were doing well overall and their family was fine, yet they felt guilty given the circumstances of so many others. This is normal I believe and I can relate to it, but I can also say that feeling guilty isn’t really deserved and doesn’t really help anything. I wouldn’t wish horrible circumstances on anyone and I would hope that most people wouldn’t wish them on me. That being said, I do think it’s okay to put things in perspective and give yourself a “wake up call” if you are getting a bit too stuck in your own head— it would probably serve most of us well!

So next time you are getting annoyed with yourself or feeling guilty, do something about it. Got for a walk to clear the mind or take it a step further and make a difference— volunteer, donate, advise others. You may have to get creative these days but the need is plenty.

Happy writing this week!

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