Push Ourselves

This past week, my kids started school and man was it a doozy. We survived and truth be told, the both liked their teachers and made it to the weekend seemingly healthy (and yes I realize kids can be asymptomatic when it comes to Covid). But the week was not without it’s difficulties and learning experiences.

My oldest was anxiety ridden all week long and I honestly questioned whether he would get through it and what would happen if the anxiety was around to stay. I’m glad to report it is dying down into week two but I am not ruling it out as completely gone.

My youngest was happier to be returning to school but full of questions and quite a big slice of mischief. I’m happy to report that he is better acclimated and behaving better than expected when it comes to his virtual days.

The lesson learned this week on all sides was that it is okay and even makes sense to push ourselves, not to a point we feel defeated but certainly to a point we are challenging ourselves. It is what will make us stronger and better at navigating the craziness we call life.

Happy writing this week!

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