Be Your Change

I spent the time last week writing about less fear and more positivity and I want to continue this theme this week for a couple reasons. One, my oldest son is a pessimist. Don’t ask me how this is– he could have been born this way or perhaps life (including me) have made him this way. In the end, it just is and we’ve spent a lot of time this past week trying to help him see how this point of view doesn’t always contribute to him moving forward. I am not aiming to change him in particular or even those who naturally tend to ebb towards the pessimistic. You are how you are and that is okay. I also can’t change how I am and while I wouldn’t expect either sides to completely change or understand where the other side is coming from, my hope is we can meet halfway in the middle.

So why is this such a big deal? Well, as a parent, of course I worry about my son being his own biggest obstacle. No parent wants this as it can become unhealthy and we want to know our kids are okay when we are long gone. As a friend to those in my life or even as a voice to those reading this blog, I can only say that this world has enough to bring us down– we don’t need to add to it by adding more negativity to our plate. And if we do add this negativity or continue to be our worse critics, to what end are we driving ourselves? What is the goal of it all? I don’t see any reasonable goals in this direction. I also don’t always see rainbows and sunshine. What I do see is that we live in a tough world and only those who drive forward will survive it without crumbling to pieces. I also see it our duty to hold each other together and to be our own change.

Happy be writing this week!


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