For The Love Of…Pinterest by Artemis Crow

I love imagery. There, I said it. Photographs, paintings, movies and TV with rich, complicated sets and scenes are my jam. Capturing a moment in time with all its baroque glory and splendor, or simplicity and sparsity, I’ll take it all. So it’s small wonder that when it came time for series worldbuilding, I turned to Pinterest first.

With that intro, it should come as no surprise to learn that I’m also a very visual writer. When writing a scene I put myself in a character’s head, see what they see, and describe it for my readers. Websites like Pinterest and Deviant Art have helped me greatly, and I know they could do the same for you in whatever passion you pursue.


That being said, if you think googling is a time suck, well, hello Pinterest, and goodbye an afternoon! Seriously, if you think Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole was something…

“I’ve been falling…for thirty minutes!”

Right Loki, make that more like five+ hours in Pinterest. That is if you’re disciplined…or lucky…or your eyes cross and the screen blurs so much you just have to stop.

Despite that pifall, Pinterest has thousands of images to scroll through and is a huge resource. It also is another facet in an author’s marketing arsenal. As I found imagery that I loved, I created boards. For the different species I created, for the Zodiac Assassins, and for the mythological gods and goddesses woven through the books. I highly recommend that all authors do this; for yourself, but more importantly for your readers so they can see for themselves the inspirations for your world and characters.

But I write contemporary, you say. Well, I say worldbuilding isn’t for fantasy and paranormal anymore! Writing a small town cozy? There are many images you could find on Pinterest for that tiny café…

…or the old family-built drive-in theater your hero decides to renovate.

Looking for Regency fashion? Pinterest has that, too.

And for fellow paranormal/fantasy authors, there’s a wealth of evocative images that will inspire you.

Save them to your boards and inspire your readers to fall down the rabbit hole of your world! Immersion. Isn’t that what we all want for our readers?

May your words flow freely,



Artemis Crow

The Zodiac Assassins series
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