For The Love Of…Listening

by Artemis Crow

This will not be a long post, and the most important words will not be my own. They belong to others. I do this because we as a nation are experiencing a collective upheaval and there is one truth I think we needed to be reminded of.

We need to listen.

Humans love to talk; goodness knows I do. We communicate at the world through social media all day long, but it seems too often we don’t stop and listen to what’s being said. Instead, we are waiting and formulating a response that we immediately spit out the moment the other person takes a breath.

There is a lot of fear and pain and rage hitting us in wave after wave and there hasn’t been time to take a breath. The stress builds until we stop listening completely with an open mind and heart, and instead get defensive and employ what-about-isms to protect ourselves from truths too difficult to face. Especially those truths about ourselves.

We are not listening to one another. We are blindly defending what we believe, and who we think we are, and letting our egos rule our responses without the benefit of self-reflection, or often without even trying to understand the lives of those desperate for us to hear them.

I have challenged myself to go forward and listen deeply with love in my heart so that I may go beyond myself and have a meaningful, impactful relationship with all those I meet.

I hope you do the same.


May your words flow freely,


Artemis Crow

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