Ride the Wave

As I sit here and type this, there is a brisk breeze outside and heavy, thick drops of rain. The air feels more like that of an early fall day than late spring, but the intense green all around me gives it away. The room I’m in is dark and quiet. As I type, my mind tells me this should all be a bit depressing but that isn’t the way I feel. Sure, there are lots of reasons to be down—the world is going through a global pandemic, people are interacting less in person and there aren’t many “risk free” places to go. I have a hair appointment next month and today they sent me a reminder to fill out their waiver on their website that I won’t hold them at fault if I contract Covid-19 while at their salon. I wouldn’t really think to hold them at fault anyway but I understand why they would feel the need to have a waiver. After all, even with all the precautions they plan to take, there is no guarantee that I would stay Covid-19 free. But I digress… bottom line, I don’t feel depressed, I feel calm.

Our world is going through a lot of change right now (I realize this is a bit of an understatement) and some of us are also going through a lot of change—forced or chosen. Some of this is painful—no one likes to be sick or forced into the position of being unable to pay bills. And some of this is strangely rewarding like spending more time with those we love. The first type of change we may be asking why we even need to go through this or at the very least thinking this is all unfair. The second, we may be grateful for. Either way, I’m not saying the feelings are right or wrong—they just are and that’s okay. We are moving in a new direction. We always are, these recent events just seem to be pushing this speed along a bit faster than some of us are used to and it is hard to go with the flow when you don’t know where you’re going. My thought is just let it happen and ride the wave. Everything has a solution, it just takes some time to get there.

Have a safe week and happy writing!


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