Stop Pushing Off

I listened to a podcast this week about a man in Germany who drove the use of solar panels in Germany. Bottomline, he pushed forth policy for feed-in tariffs that allowed those using solar energy to receive remuneration or a tariff above the retail rates of the energy (this can be used for solar, wind, hydropower, etc).

As I was listening to this podcast about this guy that now lives in what is described as a “hobbit” house, I can’t help but think, wow that sounds nice. Now I know it is never this simple. Years ago, he made an investment in solar energy and at that time, it really didn’t pay off. It was expensive and inefficient and as such, he asked the wonderful question as to how this could all be better and easier? Many of us care about a lot of issues but we are all pinched for time and resources and that leads us to put things off endlessly or at least until we get stuck and are forced to make a change. Only then, it is sometimes too little too late.

Now I know that there are a lot of things we can throw in this bucket. We hear about them every day—many of our programs such as social security and medicare, the climate and how it is changing the planet, endangered species… I can go on and on. And all of these things are very important—I am not denying this. That being said, I’m not going to address any one of them right now. What I will say is that one area that goes overlooked, is our own care. We push appointments off, we push our health off, we push breaks for sanity off, we work and work and work and this all compounded with not addressing other issues we want to address (those I mentioned before) lead to many, many issues. Some of them we can come back from and some of them we can’t.

So the lesson in today’s blog is really about pushing things off. It is a new year (a new decade!) and with it a new start. Stop pushing you off. Stop pushing stuff you want to do off and figure out a way to fit it in. It is all important if it leads to your well being and the well being of our world.

Have a wonderful week and happy writing!



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