For The Love Of…You Just Never Know

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2 Responses to For The Love Of…You Just Never Know

  1. Gerri Brousseau says:

    I’m not from the South and my mother always said the same thing to me. Maybe it’s a “Mom” thing? I would be interested to know if you wore a costume to the show, and if so, what did you wear?

    • Artemis Crow says:

      Hi Gerri, thank you for commenting! LOL It could definitely be a “Mom” thing, or perhaps generational, but either way, I was surrounded by put-together women growing up. As for costume, for the You Tube show I dressed up as a Pestilence Fairy, one of the species in my series, with boils all over my face and hands. Gross. For the radio show, no costume, though I wore my gothic, brocade coat that I like to wear for signings! Branding…

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