For The Love Of Author Branding – Halloween Edition

In my last post, I wrote about the joy of reader/writer events. Today, I want to talk about author/book/series branding and how you can go wild with it at Halloween.

First, the Fall In Love With New England reader/writer conference happens around mid-October and I was able to attend for the first time this year. Color me thrilled to learn there was a Halloween costume contest, ‘cause I loves me a good costume contest. If I were a serious number of years younger, I’d be all about cosplay.

Me as a Corvus Ward mage at the Fall In Love With New England Conference

Second, I’ve been lucky enough to appear twice on a You Tube show called The Early Late Night Live Show filmed in New Hampshire. Both appearances were for their Halloween show, so I dressed up in costumes that represented one of the many species I have in my series, the Zodiac Assassins. That allows me to get free attention for my books, and just as importantly, attention for the species I’ve created.

Pestilence Fairy

All of that is part of what’s possible for branding yourself and/or your work, so yay! Even if you aren’t writing paranormal or fantasy, this type of branding is within your reach.

Writing a cozy mystery about a sleuth librarian? Easy.

Writing YA with an orphan girl who masters sword fighting? Super easy since there are Halloween and Etsy stores with costumes and accessories galore. Enough to make your wallet squeal and your significant other yelp from the pain.

Writing a sweet romance about the women in a knitting club? Well, you get the idea.

Writing about a band of lumberjack brothers? Bust out the flannels and go to town. Bonus points if you can find girly flannels and an axe with roses on it. LOL

Just like worldbuilding isn’t just for paranormal or fantasy anymore, neither is branding. Nor is Halloween the only time you can dress up as part of your “look”. I have a couple different gothic-style outfits I wear at book signings or book club events to cement the mood of my books. You can do this too and I highly recommend it. A little thought and a few dollars to get you started, and you have outfits that are reusable and make you instantly recognizable to your readers, and will create a memorable image for your new acolytes!

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume? Do you have ideas for outfits for book signings? Drop a comment and let’s dish!

May your words flow freely,


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