It seems illogical that relaxing would be such a hard task to do, but it is. Not just for me, but it seems for many folks around me as well. First, by the time I get a chance to relax, there always seems to be something to do or someone else will pull me out of that brief relaxation state. Second, to even get the chance to relax is a whole different issue altogether. We move at a go go go pace most of the time and taking a brief pause even seems to induce guilt trips. And I’d say this might be a younger generation thing but that would be a lie as well because most of the folks I speak to daily are close to retirement or in retirement and if anything, they seem to be even busier than those doing the daily corporate America thing.

So why? Why are we always so busy and what is the matter with taking a break? Nothing! The only issue we seem to have is letting ourselves take a break or not stopping others who seem to keep pushing. But we all have our limits and this cannot go on forever. So the moral of today’s teensy weensy rant is to just let yourself be—relax even if that means you need to learn how to say no. Both you and those around you will be all the more grateful for it!

Happy writing this week!


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