For The Love Of Reader/Writer Events

If you’re reading this post, the odds are great that you are a fan of books. Correction, probably a rabid fan of books. As my dear hubby can attest, I am a foaming-at-the-mouth, please-take-my-money, perpetually red-eyed reader. I have been since I picked up my first book, and thank goodness, my mother was the same. She fed my hunger for story with shiny library cards, book of the month clubs; I can’t remember her ever refusing to buy me a book. Instead of being the kid waving a candy bar at mom and pouting if she said no, I would wave a book at her and—cha-ching—another sale made.

At dinnertime, if a word was brought into the conversation that I didn’t know, everything would stop with my mom’s demand, ‘Go get the dictionary’. So I would reluctantly put down my fork and knife while shooting my brother a glare that screamed he better keep his mitts off my meal, and return, groaning under the weighty tome that was our Webster’s.

Story scrolled through my mind for years, yet it wasn’t until I gained *cough cough* a fair few years that I decided to turn those stories in my mind into an attempt to write a story. Wow, did the reality of the work involved in crafting a book ever slap me upside the head! I spent years learning how to write a story: structure, emotion, pace were drummed into me, and still I had to work and work to create a story worth sharing.

Then I had to take that next step and put my first story out there for the public. That was not an easy risk to take, but I did it.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending my first Fall In Love With New England Reader/Author Conference. If you are an author and have never attended this event or another like it, I can’t recommend them enough. My story at the beginning of this post? That journey as a reader is not unique to me; it’s shared by thousands of other booklovers throughout the country. This event brought together women, and a sprinkling of bold men, who all shared a passion for reading. Some of the attendees carried that passion farther and decided to write stories.

Bottom line: we all love story and reader/writer events are a joyous celebration of that fact. As an author, there is another great benefit. You are treated like a rockstar! Seriously, every time I said I was an author, eyes widened, mouths dropped open, and the fangirling began. And this happened despite the fact that they had no idea who I was or what I write.

We bonded over bawdy jokes and games and shared photos of our families (two- and four-legged variety). We shared our favorite authors, paraded around in Halloween costumes, and trick or treated despite the labyrinth that was our hotel. Then we topped it all off with a book signing. By the end of the two days, I drove away not only having made new friends, but the bonds I already had with my writer friends had deepened.

So, if you ever have a reader/writer event come to your community, run, don’t walk to your keyboard and sign up! Or better yet, start your own conference and share the love of story with the readers in your part of the world!

Do you have a favorite author event?

And for those participating in NaNoWriMo, get after it!

May your words flow freely,


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