For the Love of Changing Seasons

Most people have one season they love. Some folks are lucky enough to be able to afford to migrate to the city or town that is predominantly warm or cool in accordance with their preferences, but I think the majority of us have to live where our careers take us, or our finances/family keep us.

Me? I’ve lived the bulk of my years in the south and southeast; the lands of tsunami-worthy humidity with the power to blowup that salon blowout. Where you have to carry a change of clothing to stay fresh throughout the day; bonus points are given to a prospective job if they have showers. Where the delightful combination of heat and humidity slaps you upside from head to toe the moment you step outside of your air conditioning force field and leaves you sweating like the condensation dripping down your glass of teeth-twinging, supersaturated sweet tea.

Whew! I need a moment to fan myself at the mere memories!

My preference is four seasons, so when we moved to New Hampshire, I got my wish. The cool days of fall and spring, the cold and snow of winter, and, yes, the heat of summer, though it’s more commonly a dry heat here. Yay!

Why talk about the seasons? Before we moved to the northeast, I had developed a species of paranormals for my Zodiac Assassins series. There are four subspecies, each responsible for shepherding in a season because the goddesses Hecate and Persephone, along with the other world deities, have been trapped in Hades since humans stopped believing in them. Doing this was a way to celebrate the beauty and bounty of what this planet gives us, and flesh out more story around the power of belief and the consequences of losing that belief.

But why tell you their story when a passage can do it for me? Here is a scene with the protagonist, Libra, the antagonist, Taryn, and Solange, the leader of the Hibernus Sol, from Zodiac Assassins book 2, Libra’s Limbo:


Libra crawled as close to the group as he could, then settled in the hollow of another tree to watch.

The old woman cocked her head and smiled at Taryn, her eyes gentle, knowing. “You have thought us to be Romany.”

Taryn pulled her knees into her chest, forming a ball. “And you’re not.”

“I’m not.” She nodded to the group surrounding them. “Nor are the Nox. We aren’t Romany, but calling ourselves such has made it easier for us to move freely.”

“The Romany are treated like second class citizens. Why would you choose them for a cover?” Taryn asked.

“They are nomads, not connected to any place. They roam, just as we do, giving us the perfect lifestyle for our needs.”

“And the persecution?” Libra’s asked.

She chuckled. “The stories of the snake oil salesmen offering great beauty or genitalia enlargement happened in this, the human world. They offered what people most desired then swindled them with sugar water and powerful drugs. We have ways to make the wishes come true, so we are welcomed everywhere.”

“Then what are you?” he asked when Taryn remained silent. “How are you able to perform such magic?”

She opened her arms, indicating the others. “We are in service to the goddess of the witches, Hecate. Tonight we have come together in Hecate’s stead to initiate the Vernal Equinox, to pass the cold mantle of winter to the warm rebirth of spring.”

“Sol? Nox?” Taryn asked.

Libra glanced at her. “It means the sun and the night.”

The old woman clasped her hands together and smiled. “Yes, very good. He is a smart one, Taryn; I approve. Specifically, we’re the Hibernus Sol, also known as the winter sun people. Our friends here are the Fons Nox, the spring night people. There are also the Aestas Sol, of the summer sun, and the Cadent Nox, of the fall dying.”

Taryn closed her eyes and frowned. “Please back up. Hecate? Everything keeps coming back to her.”

The old woman patted Taryn’s knee. “Yes, child. When the goddess Hecate, your grandmother, was trapped in Hades, we pledged our great numbers around the world to keep the seasons coming and going, for years, for centuries. Without us, the seasons would fall into chaos, coming in and out at will, growing seasons and dying seasons appearing randomly, meaning no food for the people and animals. We stand in the way of worldwide starvation and possible extinction.”

“Are you witches?” Libra asked. “Hecate’s coven?”

“We were, but with the passing of the years, and Hecate’s absence, we separated from the witches and evolved into more. Focusing our power into one skill until only we could control the changing of the seasons.”

“I thought the planet moving around the sun did that.”

The old woman cackled. “Yes, it does, but the changing relies on more than this planet spinning around the sun. Humans swallowed that simplistic tomfoolery without question, which has allowed us to work our magic without scrutiny.”


Do you have a favorite season of the year? Do you incorporate the seasons as setting in your writing? Leave a comment so we can dish!


May your words flow freely,


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