Time Lost or Gained

We live in a world of go, go, go! Lately, where I work has been going through a bit of a reorganization and while I know the end goal is more efficiency and better quality work overall, we are taking some time to get there. It really reminds me of how impatient we can all be (myself included of course). This shouldn’t really surprise me as it has been a reoccurring them in my life. I wanted to learn how to play the piano and once I found out I wouldn’t be playing Beethoven in a matter of week, I got frustrated. I tried ballet lessons but professed boredom after we continued to practice the same steps, class after class, we after week. As an adult, I can see the value of the practice and the importance of building a foundation. As a kid, all I could focus on was how I’d rather be playing outside or doing something I considered fun.

As an adult, I still find myself impatient with somethings, but for different reasons. I understand more about opportunity cost and I also understand the value of time lost. It’s an internal battle I wage because there are many times I believe that we as a society simply move to fast. We make things overly complex and we stress ourselves out. I still believe this but I also understand that this is a reality I live in. When it comes to my work and productivity, I hold myself to the highest standard. In my personal life, I’m willing to simply live a little.

Have a great week and happy writing!



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