Silver Lining

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they are good, or not so good. Sometimes they are just plain bad. I guess it is all a matter of your perspective in many cases. I recently got some of that blah news that I just can’t seem to turn into a good situation no matter how I look at it—and for those who have read my posts before, I’m a fairly optimistic person. Still, as bad as a situation can be, I will say that for many of them, they can also be learning experiences and perhaps that is the silver lining in this situation.

As my learning experience this time around, I’ll say that I’ve learned just how important it is to plan (there are a few exceptions to this and those rambling writing periods are instances where I’d say the plans can go out the window) for so many things in life. Additionally, I will say that it is important to realize no matter how wise we believe we are or how gullible we aren’t, never say never to almost anything. My recent gripe is about an older friend who was taken advantage of by a scammer. This person isn’t stupid, nor are they usually gullible—they are just at a time in their life where they want so badly for the scam to be true. Not to mention with their age, they just aren’t thinking and questioning on all cylinders like they used to.

Unfortunately, for all the good there is in the world, we also live in a world where many thrive on taking advantage of others. I still believe in good and I know tons of very generous people, but this particular experience is just another one to make me a bit more cautious and wary of the world. Sad really, but it is also a reality.

So lesson of today? I promise it isn’t to walk the world weary and cautious but more to just be aware and ask questions before just accepting what doesn’t make sense.

Happy writing and may this week be productive for you.


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