Giving Back

There are tons of addictions out there—many of which are not good for us. Still, we do what we do most of the time because it feels good to us. Sometimes it comes at very little cost and sometimes it comes at quite a hefty cost. As I write these words, a plethora of scenarios come to mind, some as innocent as a daily cup of coffee. In my case, I like Starbucks so this certainly can add up but the costs are different than some of those less innocent addictions out there.

What about good things we get addicted to? It’s hard to think of them but one that comes to mind for me is generosity and volunteering in the community. I recently volunteered with my kids at a mobile pantry near our home. I wanted to do this to introduce the idea of “giving back” to my kids and to be honest, there isn’t much out there that allows young children to participate in in volunteering. I had my doubts as well—it is almost impossible to keep their attention for much time. But, to my surprise, they loved it and really got into handing out the food. What’s more, they couldn’t stop talking about how good it made them feel and of course they had a ton of questions about the whole experience. Either way, it really got me thinking about how we can get a “feel good high” off of doing good as well. And these days, that is really hard to teach kids because we live in such an instant gratification world and as a parent, you want kids to understand life without having to live all of its hardships (at least if you can help it). So, lesson of today? Maybe we could make the world a bit of a better place if we were “addicted” to do things for others versus always thinking about what we want—or maybe, a little bit of balance goes a long way.

Happy writing this week!


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