Good Traits

Courtesy, respect, leadership, discipline, confidence, integrity—I’d say all of these are pretty good traits to have. These traits and more are some that my kids learn in their martial arts class. We teach them at home too, but to be honest sometimes I wonder if they just get lost in the blend and mile long list of things to learn. I know, no excuse.

Of course, as I write this blog, I am sitting outside my kids martial arts class and I can’t help but remark at how many people I interact with each day who are missing these traits. Or perhaps I’m thinking about the news articles I read each day.

When did we tend to lose grasp of these basics as a society? Years ago, disrespect or a knock to honor was duel worthy in some countries. Today we act without consequences in most cases. Courtesy is a luxury these days and respect even rarer. Integrity might be mistaken for some sort of antiquated word.

I get it, it’s hard. I don’t say this sarcastically but realistically as a parent trying to do a good job raising kids and as a person setting an example to other in the world. Do I make mistakes? Absolutely, I am human after all and I most certainly do not have the all the answers. Quite frankly, I won’t know until many years down the road as to whether my husband and I raised our kids well. We hope we do. In the meantime, I will ask this… Could it hurt to live our lives and include a bit more courtesy, respect, leadership, discipline, confidence and integrity? I don’t think so.

Happy writing this week!

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