The World Goes On

I got back from vacation and stepped into a whirlwind! A couple or so weeks ago, I went on a wonderful vacation where I explored and learned and just mentally relaxed (somewhat). Since then, I feel like I’ve been immersed in world of chaos. The news seems to be playing the same track I hear 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc. ago. Folks I work with are all concerned the world is going to end (not really but you can definitely see that people are just soaking up all the information around them and letting it drive them a bit nuts).

The truth is, I get it! I was out of the office for two weeks which is really long in the world of pre-retirement vacation that professionals in the U.S. take (I’m saying this because in polling my co-workers and friends it seems that other countries are a lot more liberal with their leave and vacations). And yet, one would think I had left for two months with the amount of work and backlog I came back to. People dread taking time off just because of the workload. This makes sense, it really does. Still, for all those folks who avoid taking a break and letting themselves relax for fear it will just add to the stress, fear not. The work is there today and it will be there tomorrow. Very few if any of us are doing jobs that are so high risk that we risk the world ending should we take a break. Life will go on and so will the world.

Happy writing this week!



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