Twists and Turns and More

The past several days I have found myself binging on Dan Brown books made into movies, specifically this featuring professor Robert Langdon. It has been some time since I have watched these movies and even longer since I have read the books. I seem to have forgotten all the twists and turns and details that make these books such page turners.

Thinking about Angels and DemonsThe Da Vinci Code, and Inferno reminds me of what it is like to be lost in a book, mesmerized by the world and characters an author can create. When done well, it is quite fascinating as to how it can truly capture an audience and wield so much power. I mean I remember when these books came out and the huge following it garnered. They made many folks question what was real and what wasn’t.

When I think about what truly makes a book stand out, what comes to mind are details, believable characters, a storyline that is compelling and somewhat logical as well as unpredictable. I want to lose myself in that story and world if only for a little while. I am after all a reader before a writer although they both make me happy in different ways.

Happy writing this week!

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