Open to Change

I spend a lot of time talking to people. My job over the better part of the last decade has involved getting to know people, asking them questions and helping them figure out what it is they want and how they should go about achieving their goals. This by no means makes me an expert on people. If anything, I feel like the longer I live or the older I get, the more questions I have. One thing I have learned thus far is that many of us seem to have a certain tolerance or acceptance of change.

Change is part of life whether we want it to be or not. Some of us welcome it with open arms while others shy away from it. And then of course there is always the matter of how change can impact us (we sometimes more easily accept change as long as it doesn’t have as great an impact on us personally). But sometimes change is necessary, even good for us.

I recently spoke with a woman who grew up poor. She had a sad childhood and for her own protection, created somewhat of an invisible box around herself. To say she doesn’t spend is an understatement. Quite simply, she has created a cage around herself and made herself the prisoner of her own fears. She fears change to be mor open and enjoy her life because she is afraid the past will come back to haunt her, or even worse, it will be her reality again. For any chance at happiness, this woman needs change, but I’m not sure she’ll ever be capable of seeing this.

So is change good or bad? Sometimes it is neither or both or one. What is important is to not fear it and to instead learn from it. Otherwise, we may find ourselves riddled with regrets.

Happy writing this week!

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