Balance is Key

What would you give for peace? I know, this is such a big statement as most of us have such chaotic lives it is hard to imagine pure relaxation or even a broader scale type of peace within our world. We all have our ways of trying to get to this state. Some of us dedicated more time through exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. Others continue to put this off, telling ourselves that we will make time later.

This past week, I spent a whole week near the beach. The view from our rental was right next to a river and I can tell you that this view alone brought me a lot of peace. Gone were my worries or the constant fog that seems to crowd my mind. For me, the beach, the waves, just nature in general is an instant relaxer. That was the whole point of this past vacation and I can honestly say it achieved its goal—I’m refreshed and back. Granted, I’ve been back two days and I will tell you that it has been hectic to say the least, but I know this past week did me a lot of good.

My husband will often question my “need” for vacations and relaxation and I am the first to admit that I feel very privileged that I have the opportunity to take vacations—even if they are stay-cations. That being said, I also feel that the balance of your mental, emotional and physical state play a big role in how well you perform in life. An exhausted work for instance is most likely not going to be as productive as a rested worker. Make sense? Moral of this week, balance is key.

Happy writing and have a good week.

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