I’ve got a vacation coming up and let me tell you, I am ecstatic. This isn’t necessarily a luxurious vacation. We rented a place by the beach and it appears a bit rustic. No TV, no electronics and game time for the family. I know, this sounds like the average millennial’s nightmare but I was born on the cusp of this millennial generation and I can tell you that for me, it sounds very refreshing.

You see, I’ve grown up in a world of technology and faster speeds. Patience many times seems to be a thing of the past. As a mother, I struggle with how to teach my children to cope with this ever changing world, how to think critically and how to communicate with others. It is an ever-tilting balance between ensuring they keep up with the times (mainly the speed we learn at and the technology we use to do it) and they slow down enough to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Writing this blog, I feel very spoiled that I even have the opportunity to take a vacation. It seems like such a luxury in this go go world and yet, I honestly question how I would function in my work life if I didn’t take some sort of break. I would do what I have to do, but I question as to whether that would be the “best me” for my clients and the company I work for? I truly don’t know the answer but I do feel like with every bit we push ourselves over the limit, something else falls by the wayside. The question I want you to ask yourself about this is, “Is it all worth it?”

Happy writing and have a good week.

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