Your Time

I love the quiet of early morning. I often write about the craziness and fast pace of this world because it is something very relevant to me and many people I meet. Additionally, I ‘m forever seeking out ways to manage my own “load” in this world and that usually involves some sort of breaks with family or just relaxation in general.

This weekday morning, as I steal a moment to myself to write this blog, I’m reminded of the “when” in a day. You see, I am a morning person. I can do nights on occasion but in general, I think more clearly in the morning hours. This quiet, peaceful time after several hours of sleep (I wish I could say 8 but it isn’t always so—this is something I try to strive for and can’t stress its importance enough) is my favorite part of the day as the world around me is asleep and I feel as if I’m getting a secret peek at life’s vulnerability. A little coffee and a nice view go a long way on these mornings.

We all have our preferences— morning versus evening, time to hear ourselves think. It is important to take these moments in time to reflect and meditate, even if that simply means hearing yourself think. We can’t be everything to everybody in these chaotic lives we lead if we can’t make time to be ourselves first.

Happy writing this week and don’t forget to spend some time with just you.

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