More Love

I realize we are just about at the end of January and this a bit early for this (since Valentine’s Day is around the corner), but today I’d like to address the subject of love. I’m not talking so much about the undying love we read about in romance novels or classic tragedies (e.g. Romeo and Juliet), but more about our love for each other as humans. This may sound like a bit of a weird concept but truth be told is that we only seem to have this awareness of a “greater love” for our kind, our species, our fellow humans as we confront the larger threats out there. These threats most often come in the form of natural disasters and in the movies, other species out there (either natural to earth like animals or otherwise).

The truth is there are a lot more nuances amongst us as humans and we tend to gravitate toward those we feel comfortable with. That could be family, those who look like us, speak like us, share our beliefs or simply share the same interests we have. Only when we feel that we are under a great threat, do we tend to drop some of these other “barriers” between us.

I’ve been reading a series to my 4 year old about a dog that travels in time to help people out. Thus far, we’ve read about Hurricane Katrina and now we are reading about the big San Francisco earthquake. What always amazes me in these types of situations is how we come together to unite and help each other. If I think back to other large disasters we faced across the country, historically these types of disasters have always prompted some sort of unification that transcends our day to day. Reading about this and looking at how divided we seem to be these days, I can’t help but ask why it has to be so complex? I don’t have the answer to this question and I’m not under the assumption that all differences and beliefs can just be erased, but I do believe that what these instances have shown is that we are a species capable of bridging gaps, capable of loving and caring for others, capable of putting aside differences for a greater cause.

I don’t think change to love more happens overnight. I believe it is a conscious effort to look beyond. So today, my encouragement for those reading this blog is to try and “love” more– as corny as that sounds.

Happy writing this week!

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