Welcome to Dragon Soul by Laura Greenwood

Writing is so often a solitary thing. Even if we need a team around us to get something ready to publish, the writing itself is normally just a solo thing. Finding a co-author you can share the journey with can be magical – so much so that I actually currently have three different on-going co-written series (Seven Wardens with Skye MacKinnon, Harem of Misery with A.K. Koonce & Dragon Soul with Arizona Tape)

This week, Arizona and I have launched the seventh book we’ve written together (though one of the seven isn’t available yet!): Fifth Soul. And not just as an ebook either, we’ve also launched the audiobook!

Dragon Soul is actually our second series together – we already have a completed trilogy called Twin Souls (books 1 & 2 can be read in either order and then the story is tied up in three). But they are set in the same universe and if you read all of them, there are references to past characters.

Our first series was super easy to name – Tate and Ayra are quite literally twin souls. They even share identical bodies. Our second series wasn’t as easy. Probably because we only ever planned one series and a couple of spin-offs (which actually turned into three extra series for a total of 15 books in the Twin Souls Universe).

After a bit of debate, we settled on Dragon Soul. Dragons for the dragon shifters, and soul to link it to the other series. But then the name took on a different meaning – the Dragon Soul bar. A place for misfits and dragon shifters alike.

Which is a little bit of a theme in our series. Our heroines come in all shapes and sizes. Some are a little broken (like Holly from Torn Soul), some are a little bit repressed (like JJ from Bound Soul) and some are just really stubborn (like Lola in Fifth Soul). All of them have to deal with the intricacies of dragon society and dragon mating, and all find love…just not where they really expected it to.

(Plus, it’s a bar, there’s some drunk dragon shifters going on which is always a little bit fun!)

==> Torn Soul: books2read.com/tornsoul

==> Bound Soul: books2read.com/boundsoul

==> Fifth Soul: books2read.com/fifthsoul (also in audio)

If you’re interested in finding out more about me, you can here:

Website: www.authorlauragreenwood.co.uk

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/theparanormalcouncil

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/authorlauragreenwood

Bookbub: www.bookbub.com/authors/laura-greenwood

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Mailing List: www.authorlauragreenwood.co.uk/p/mailing-list-sign-up.html

About Laura Greenwood

Laura is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal and contemporary romance. When she's not writing, she can be found drinking ridiculous amounts of tea, trying to resist French Macaroons, and watching the Pitch Perfect trilogy for the hundredth time (at least!)
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