Whirlwind of Today

This year has gone by in a whirlwind. To think that Thanksgiving is next week, is mind boggling in a way because I feel like someone came and zapped all the time away. In fact, I think it could be accurate for many of us to say that life itself feels like a whirlwind. In this year alone we’ve dealt with multiple natural disasters (hurricanes, wildfires, floods, etc.), trade tensions, political issues (both national and international), turbulent markets and the list goes on and on.

I was speaking with an acquaintance today who jokingly said that it feels the world has just sped up—as if perhaps we are spinning faster. I know that isn’t the case but the dizziness caused by all the information overload lately really makes it seem like her comment wasn’t so out of leftfield.

So what does one do? I’m not sure and the prospect of tackling it all is daunting. I personally believe that we can only take on important issues one at a time—at least if we hope to make some sort of difference in them. In a way, it is like taking the whirlwind and slowing it down to a speed that makes it digestible to each of us.

It is important to ask ourselves what is important to us and what skills we bring to the table to make a difference? Or, what can we learn that will help us? Are we most concerned about the climate and climate change? Is it more important to fight for the preservation of certain rights? One of the greatest things about this country has been our ability to choose what is important to us and aim to make a difference.

Happy writing and have a wonderfully week!

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