Working With IngramSpark by Mandy Rosko

I’ve just finished uploading Howl Always Love You, book 2 in my You’ve Got To Be Shifting Me series to Ingramspark. I’ve come to the decision to use Ingram instead of Createspace because, even though it’s free to upload to Createspace, it will be cheaper in the long term to use Ingramspark because, according to other authors I’m in contact with, it costs less to have the books brought into Canada.

With Createspace, whenever I order big boxes of books for Patrons or book signings, it never fails, I get hit with a charge at the door. I always wished Createspace would have a Canadian building so they could at least print the books within Canada. After all, Amazon owns Createspace and there are warehouses in Canada, so why not this?

This hasn’t been the only factor behind the decision. Word has been going around that Createspace was getting ready to shut down so everything would be unified to the KDP dashboard.

I’m not against this at all, and while things have already come to that point, there was the worry of what would happen to my books when Amazon did this.

The books are fine, but I’ll still make the change for one other important reason.

Ingramspark can allow bookstores to order my books.

I like working at Coles, and I’ll be trying to get another job there for the winter. Selling books, talking about them with customers, I like it. If I had to work one job for the rest of my life alongside of writing, I would be satisfied with that one.

Also, the writer who works in a bookstore is my favorite stereotype.

This will be the second book I publish through Ingram, and the first that I order a huge sum of books through. I’ll let you know what comes of it when the books come in, whether or not I get hit with a charge, and what all those books look like when I get them, whether or not there are any defects, and if so, how quickly Ingram can help me out with that.

Because defective books were all too common with Createspace. They were good with rectifying the problem, but there was still always at least one book per box that had something messed up about it.


I’ll keep you posted, and hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you’re in Canada 🙂


Mandy Rosko


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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author
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