Tune Out the Noise

At the time I’m writing this post, this week has been fairly quiet—and thank goodness for that as it has left me more time to simply enjoy life! Last week was busy enough to last me the next couple months. And not a good busy.

Do you ever wonder why we tend to pack so much in our lives? Are we gluttons for punishment or is it that we can’t say no? Or perhaps we have a big dose of the achiever mindset? Probably a mix of all three. I know I am absolutely guilty of these things at some time or other. And that is fine as long as we enjoy what we are doing and don’t leave feeling horribly overwhelmed. But most of the time this stuff is just noise.

I have a couple friends who keep busy but in a different way. They focus on what they want when they want. They’re always taking on adventures (literally)—traveling the world, hiking, running, biking and just enjoying all life has to offer. In my line of work, I can’t stress enough how important it is to spend time doing what we love versus dealing with noise. I can’t count the number of folks I’ve met who plan to live down the line when they retire, only to never make it to the actual living part.

More recently, one of these friends I mentioned above has been fighting cancer and the longevity they were hoping for from life may just not be there.  And yet no matter what happens I know this person took full advantage of the time they’ve had and hopefully will continue to have. So as I raise my “glass” to their future, I want to thank them for reminding me about how important it is to tune out the noise and live the way we want everyday.


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