If You Write, Plan Your Sick Days by Mandy Rosko

Everyone knows there are some basics that come with running your own business. Even if it’s just a side hustle that brings in some extra cash every month, these rules are key, and should be obeyed at all times.


I might leave a couple of things out, and these aren’t in any particular order, but if you want to know the main one we’ll be focusing on, you need only to check the title 🙂


Some of the main ones we’ll be getting out of the way will be things like, create a budget, put away 30% of your earnings for the tax man ALWAYS, figure out where you want to be in 5 years, create your work schedule and stick to it as much as possible, and plan out your sick days.


The work schedule thing is one I’m a pretty big hypocrite over. I know I need one, but for the most part, I just sit down at the end of the night and start working, then gun it until I make it to my writing goals.


The problem is that this can lead me to days where I’ve missed doing other business related things that come with writing.


Like marketing.


Anyway, you need to also plan your days off, and your sick days.


If you’re a writer and this is your living, or your good side hustle, how many days off do you take? Do you need days off from writing at all? Some people will say no, but if you’re one of those people who loves it so much you can literally do it all the time, remember there are going to be related jobs around your writing that might require to you have some time off.


Like the marketing, making new connections at social events, you might have a family day coming up, and then there are your sick days.


If you’re self employed then you know as good as anyone else that your sick days don’t add up. You can’t take the ten days you weren’t sick one year and add them to another. Your deadlines don’t work like that.


But sometimes deadlines can be extended, or if you get sick before the deadline, which also happens, if you’ve started out fresh and got a decent amount of work done before hand, then you can take a couple of days off without worrying about overdoing it ones your flu or cold goes away, and you find yourself in the eleventh hour of when you need to get that book to the editor.


I need to work a little harder on everything I mentioned above. Like I said, I’m a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to these things, but I know these things to be true, and I’m still working at them.


A little bit at a time, and I hope to climb this mountain and make it to my goals 🙂


Mandy Rosko






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