Preparing for the Future by Mandy Rosko

One of the things every writer needs to take care of from time to time is the future. We’re the only ones in charge of our finances, of whether or not we put more of our work out into the world or less. We are the ones in charge of how many hours we do or don’t put in, so every once in a while we should stop, look up at what we’ve got going on and make a plan.


For me, that plan involves looking at what I currently owe on my business credit card, what I would like to keep putting away for the future, books I want to put out in 2019, and schooling.


I’m still hoping I can grab a spot in that art school in September, but I’m also hoping to get a part time job back at the book store so I can put the extra money onto my credit card.


If sales remain steady, then if I’m lucky, I can make one more trip out next year to RWA in New York, keep my credit card fairly low before paying it off entirely, and pay off the majority of what I’ll owe for the art program I want to take.


I don’t want it to just be a seasonal job either. If I can, I’d love to get something part time year round. I’ve got my eye on a couple of places, and once I’m through with this cold I’ll be more comfortable with sending out my resumes, but I think this needs to happen. It would let me get more funds put aside for things I need, and want :), and when it comes to how many books I want to put out into the world, knowing there’s an extra pool of funds coming in will allow me to work a little harder to put out the audio books I want without relying too heavily on my Patreon funds for that.


Last year when I got my winter job at Coles, I did it for a couple of reasons, the first being that I genuinely like working for Coles. It’s also one of my favorite stereotypes. A writer working in a bookstore 🙂

The next reason was that sales were getting steadily lower for my books, and I looked up and realized it had been a while since I had a traditional job. I figured it was a good time to dust off my resume. It was also a major help to letting me pay off that business credit card which allowed me to go to Denver this year.


So, like last year, I want to make plans for the next year coming up. I want to go to New York, and I want to pay off those credit cards while setting some money aside for future projects.


So that’s what I mean about we’re the only ones who have to make these decisions for ourselves. Even things that work outside of writing can help us with getting to our goals, so for me I’ll be getting another job, hopefully one that will last longer than the winter.

I’ll let you know how the job hunt goes next week, as well as where I am on my Patreon word count 🙂


Can’t Bear To Be Without You is about halfway finished. So I’ve got to buckle down and crank the words out if I want to hit my deadline.



Mandy Rosko

Twitter: @rizzorosko


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