RTC is Days Away by Mandy Rosko

We’re almost here, and I’m suddenly realizing how unprepared I actually am for the book signing.


I still have to make my candles ready, wrap up the books for my big game with Sharon Page, which is going to be awesome, BTW :), sign preordered books and grab a fabric pen for the T-shirts that came in.


There’s several other little odds and ends that I’ll want to get done, but I’m definitely starting to notice the ticking of the clock, and I’ll be honest, it is making me sweat a little.


Today I ran out to Staples to grab some last minute things. Ink for my printer so I can make my flyer on Canva, a couple more Kobo gift cards for the draw I’m planning on having, and a little lock box for the draw cards.


Yeah, lots to do, but luckily I do have some things in place. I won’t have as many books this year to bring to the event, and the water bottles I ordered will be a bit smaller. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be able to do water bottles for next year at all unless I have a sponsor who is willing to go in with me on the next one.


For now, I’m keeping calm by watching artists practice on Twitch, and doing my own live streams on Twitch as well. I’m really enjoying being on Twitch. Live Writing is fun, especially when I make a challenge of it, and it seems like a fun knew way to interact with my readers.


I mean, if I’m going to be writing, or drawing, or even playing video games, then I might as well hang out with readers and socialize while I’m at it, right? 😉


I’m positive I’m forgetting something for the event, that I didn’t get enough of something, and I know I won’t have more than one copy of my omnibus, which sucks ;_; but at least it will be there, and I can get more for more events 🙂


Do you do anything specific for events? Do you go as readers or writers? And is there one thing you find you absolutely must have for these readers events? I’d love to know. Low key looking for last minute ideas here, lol.


Mandy Rosko





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